Biltong Oh what a Wonderful Thing!

Biltong is a food from South Africa, It arrived in the early 17th Century from immigrants coming from France Germany and The Netherlands. They arrived in South Africa to find the political climate unfavourable, so they needed to move towards the interior of South Africa.

Thus they needed to preserve their food and this was when biltong come about.

What is biltong, it is a dried beef, spiced with added herbs and vinegar and then dried for a few days until it is ready.

Forward to modern times, Biltong is now made around the world as South Africans have moved away from South Africa due to the problems in the country.

You can find Biltong in Australia, America, France, Germany, England and many other places around the world.

Many people also make biltong at home in their biltong machines. It is fairly easy to do if you know what you are doing.

You can find recipes online and modify them to suit your needs.

I make biltong at home, mostly in winter and I love it. There is nothing better in …

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