5 Of the Best Places to Visit in Cape Town

Cape Town is one of our most favourite cities in the World.

Table Mountain 

Table Mountain is the symbol of Cape Town It is a huge mountain that overlooks the city below. You can either hike up the mountain which takes about 45 minutes or you can take a cable car.

Lions head

This is a smaller mountain but very good for enjoying a sunset view.  It is very popular with locals and is a healthy war to start the day. It takes about 45 minutes to hike up the mountain.


Cape Town has wonderful white beaches and is highly popular with tourists. You can find many beaches around the area but Camps Bay is a particular favourite.

Shark Diving

Great Whites are found in the coastal waters around Cape Town, They are predators and hunt for Seals around Seal Island. You can watch these powerful animals hunting by Cage diving, you will be close to the action and see how big these fish really are.

Wine Route

Cape Town's Mediterranean climate makes it perfect for cultivating
wine especially South Africa's own Pinotage. You can visit all the wineries by following the famous wine route, you can stop and taste all the wonderful wine.

South Africa is a wonderful country full of things to see and do.