Immigrating To The UK

Coming to a new country can be very daunting, it takes a brave person to make such a big change.
People tend to bring everything with them when they come. Emotions run high and mistakes can be made.

Here are a few things to bear in mind when planning a move overseas.

1. Furniture

Furniture from South Africa is too big to fit into standard houses in the UK. South African furniture also has no fire labels on them, meaning when you bring them here and try and sell it, you cant. Even charities will not accept them as all furniture has to have a fire label on them.

2. Guns

Guns are not allowed in the UK at all. If you arrive at Heathrow with your favourite pistol, expect to be detained or even arrested. Certain firearms are allowed in the UK, under strict licensing laws. You do not need a gun in the UK. It is safe.

3. Cars

Cars are cheap to buy, second-hand cars are even cheaper to buy. It is not advisable to bring cars from South Africa to the UK. Sell it there and bring the money instead, you will save on import duties.

4. Food

You can bring biltong, but it has to be vacuumed sealed. Other foodstuffs can be brought, but no fresh food can be brought.

I would check immigration and find out from the home office exactly what can and cannot be brought to the UK.


  1. interesting about the fire label rules for furniture in the UK, definitely good to know!


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